Friday, October 23, 2009

October 19th Appointment

Sorry, I am so late with the update again.
Our appointment on Monday 10/19/09 was very routine. We did have a sonogram this time, the NST monitor and the appointment with the Dr. We actually saw Dr. Nosovitch this time. The past four appointments it’s just been the Nurse Practitioners. We did get some fairly good news. In the past sonograms, Dr. Nosovitch had seen the liver, stomach and intestines in the chest cavity. This time he said he did not see the liver in there. He said it could have moved its way down below the diaphragm. I really didn’t like the woman who did our sonogram this time, which is why I am not overly excited about what the Dr. had told us. Next sonogram, we have the Sr. Sonographer (Katie will be doing it), and we can’t wait because she is the nicest and most accurate. She explains everything to us that she is doing, and has a personality unlike the one we had Monday.
Briana weighs approximately 4lbs. right now. That is very good. She needs to bulk up so she is as big as possible at birth for surgery purposes.

Next week, on Monday, we have another Echocardiogram and our routine Dr. appointment with the monitor (NST). We are crossing our fingers that she cooperates this time (for my sake too, that kind of hurt last time). We are hoping that they can see everything they are looking for. Their main concern is the possible hole between the two bottom chambers of the heart. If they did in fact see this months ago, they told us it may seal itself by the time they go to look again. Let’s hope this is the case.
I also asked the Dr. when he might possibly induce me, and he said the week after Thanksgiving. When we get an official date, I will let you know.

Coming up…
We have our meeting with Dr. Ratner (PEDS surgeon) on 11/4/09.
We also have another sonogram scheduled for 11/16/09.
Other than that, from now on every Monday we have a routine appointment with the monitor (NST).

I will keep you updated as the weeks get closer.


  1. I came across your blog this morning and wanted to offer the support of our CDH group. - we have 3000 amazing families who know exactly what you're going through, along with the latest CDH news and research. I will add you to my prayers. Anything we can do, please let me know!


  2. Glad to hear things seem to be looking up! Keeping positive is important! Hope we get to meet you guys sometime soon! Just let us know! Take care!

    :-) Patty