Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome to our site from Angela, Jim and Mackenzie

Hello everyone! We want to welcome you to our blog.
Here is an updated photo of Mackenzie being silly.
Jim and I are expecting our second daughter and she was diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia. Basically the diaphragm doesn't form properly, and allows other organs to grow into the chest cavity and not allow the lungs to develop. After birth, she needs surgery immediately and then she has to be put on assisted breathing until her lungs can fully develop. I will deliver in Syracuse at Crouse Hospital around Thanksgiving sometime. Our next appointment is to have an echocardiagram on August 18th which monitors the baby's heart. We also have another sonogram and Dr. appointment with Dr. Nosovitch on August 26th. I will update again after our appointment.
Please keep our baby girl in your prayers.

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