Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 15th Appointment

We had our appointment yesterday, this was just a routine weight, blood pressure and measure my belly growth. Everything is going just fine with all of that. Now for the Echocardiogram appointment, well let's just say we have a stubborn little girl. Our appointment started at 3pm we didn't leave the office until 4:20pm. We always see the nurse first, so she can do the pictures of the heart for the doctor to review. She did very well with what she had to work with. The baby is still breach, and face/body are flipped on her side. The side where the heart is, is the furthest away from the sonogram as possible. The nurse was trying to get her to flip with no luck. The nurse tried many things with me as well to try and get her to move. First I start out on my back, she had me roll over on each side to see if she could get better images. No luck again. She told me that she is more gentile than Dr. Smith, and she had to push a little with the sonogram monitor to see if she coud get anything. At this appointment, we saw Dr. Smith. He tried really hard to get images too. The baby woud not sit still for longer than 3 seconds for them to get a clear image of the heart. Well, I guess we have a very stubborn little girl. Let's hope this is something she will continue through her hard battle when she comes out. Basically at this appointment they didn't get a clear shot of the heart and woud like me to come back in 6 weeks, October 23rd. Hopefully the baby cooperated better then.

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  1. Dr. Smith is not very nice with the ultra sound- for sure! He's a great doctor but he is painful!! LOL!! But it is all worth it! I hope all is going well...

    If you have any questions at all- it hasn't been very long since I went thru the same thing you are going thru right now... you can email me or check out my blog..