Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update from 11/16 appointment

Time seems to be getting away from me these days. Sorry again for being so late.

Our appointment on Monday was rather annoying. The appointment was at 2:45pm. We sat in the waiting room until at least 3:15pm and had the sonogram. It wasn’t a very long sonogram, but I asked her to look to see if the liver was still down in the abdomen. She really wasn’t talking too much, but did a thorough check of everything. I think the office was behind from earlier in the day and it just unraveled to the end of the day. After the sonogram, they usually hook us right up to the monitor, instead they had us go sit in the waiting room. When we finally got called back in for the monitor, the room was full most of the time, there is no one in there. Briana decided that she wanted to sleep, so the nurse was trying to wake her up, in doing that she caused me to have a contraction, all I felt was my stomach tighten, but not it didn’t hurt. I had been feeling some tightening lately, but I wasn’t sure if it was the baby moving, or a contraction. Now I know it was in fact a contraction. After the monitor, we were put in a room and a Nurse Practitioner came in to talk to us. We had a few more questions this week. We were asking about the liver, because we wanted to know if they saw it up there this week or not. She said she would have the doctor review the sonogram and they would be back in the room soon. 45 minutes later, they came in. We still hadn’t asked the rest of our questions, so we started asking questions and the nurse said, “I can answer those in a minute, Dr. Nosovitch needs to get into the next room.” Well excuse me, but we just sat here for 45 minutes, the least she could have done was be patient with us and gave him a chance to answer the questions. I think he saw that by my facial expressions after she said that. She didn’t make me very happy.

Anyways, Dr. Nosovitch did tell us that he does see a little bit of the liver up in the chest. I asked him if it can keep moving like that, or did the last sonogram just not capture that. He said that it can fluctuate, and by the time I deliver, it could either be out again or stay up in there. We were a little disappointed, hoping that things would be better, but again we won’t know the severity of anything until she is delivered and they do the surgery.

Dr. Nosovitch also scared us and said he was going to induce right before Thanksgiving, but he was mistaken because of the date he had looked at was wrong. He asked the nurse to set up an induce date of 12/2/09 but I would be admitted on 12/1/09. (Unless my water breaks or I start having contractions before that.) We are hoping we can do everything as he is planning it, so Briana stays in as long as possible. He told us that her approximate weight now is 5lbs. 13oz., almost 6lbs. I hope she grows a little more between now and then, but Dr. Nosovitch said that was a good weight.

Needless to say, we never got out of the doctors office until 5:30pm. What a long day!

It is getting much closer now, and we are getting as prepared as possible.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers coming.

We appreciate everything.

Thank you!


  1. Always in my prayers!



  2. Getting stuck forever at the Perinatal Center happened to us more than once! Not a fun time seeing as that place is such a zoo to begin with! Hang in there though! :-)

  3. Yea we spent a good portion of our time at the perinatal center as well....

    K also had a portion of her liver up- they didn't see that until a few days after she was born... it went up, then it went down...and then back up again. I think when they tried to ween pavalon before surgery, things went up into her chest due to her stress level.

    Hang in there!! Stay positive!