Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby Steps

Excuse the pun.
Briana had a 'smooth' night last night. For the most part, she held course and just rested. Her numbers remained steady, with some small improvements in her carbon dioxide level. They removed her from the nitric oxide, which is a good thing, although they gave us the impression yesterday that it wasn't affecting much. We are trying to remain patient as Briana takes her baby steps toward improvement. The pediatric surgeon is supposed to come in on Monday and evaluate her for corrective surgery, which we are hoping will be next week.
There are many other families with babies currently in the NICU, and we certainly pray for them as well. We have met some wonderful people, and we inevitably have developed bonds with some other parents. For those of you who pray for Briana, please include these other families as well. This is certainly the most humbling experience I have ever had in my life, and to support the belief that things happen for a reason, I am thankful for the humility, compassion and patience this journey has instilled in me, and for the beautiful hearts of some of the people we have met thus far.

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