Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our dearest Angel Briana,
Our heart, our soul, our blood, our love,
With angels wings, You are with us from above.
Our hearts filled with sorrow,
We cannot have You here,
Still feel You in our arms,
Your presence is so near.
Here, and gone so swiftly,
Your time, far too brief,
Love for You will last,
Far beyond pain and grief.
A Breeze upon our faces,
A Songbird taking flight,
Warm Rain upon our skin,
Which Star are You tonight?
Forever in our hearts,
Your innocence so true,
Our dear sweet Angel,
Briana, we miss You.
Mommy, Daddy, Mackenzie

Parents, love your children,
People, love each other,
Take not one day for granted,
Share peace with one another.

1 comment:

  1. That was absolutely beautiful. I know how hard this is and I pray that you and your family find peace and comfort during this difficult time.