Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day Two

Hello Everyone. Let us first say Thank You to all of you for your support, advice and comments. It means the world to us.
Briana's second day has been a very stable one, from very early in the morning until now. One of the nurses said she was "surprisingly" stable all day, leading us to believe she is doing better than they expected early in the ECMO. Encouraging. It is all hour to hour, minute to minute at this point, and we gladly accept encouraging news one ounce at a time. To stand with her and look at her, her color is much better due to the ECMO supplying her body with the oxygen it needs, and she looks very comfortable. They adjust her pain medication as necessary. The team of nurses and doctors in the NICU department here at Crouse are truly fantastic. They are on top of every imaginable aspect of Briana's well-being 24/7. We were told several times by several people of just how great the NICU is, but to see it is to truly understand how great. The same applies for the rest of the nursing staff we have dealt with, accommodating, compassionate.
Angela is doing well. She is recovering well, and has been able to get some rest since yesterday. She is eating well, walking well, and doing well emotionally with everything, admittedly, better than myself. A mother's strength.
Our other daughter, Mackenzie, came to visit us today. We were obviously very happy to see her, and she was the usual character we know her to be. She came right into the room and made herself at home with her toys. We wondered how she would handle the whole situation, but as usual, she understood immediately and wasn't worried or anxious at all. Ya gotta love kids, huh? If only we as adults could remain so unabashedly open and true. She didn't hesitate to immediately talk to the nurses as they came into the room neither..."Are you going to check Mommy?", or my favorite, "No, we don't need anything."
Tomorrow, Angela will be discharged and we will be set up at the Ronald McDonald house, another friendly and accommodating place to be. It is only a few blocks from the hospital, so it will be convenient to stay with Briana.
Again, thanks to everyone for their support. Please continue to pray for Briana.
Jim and Angela


  1. We are so glad to hear that things are going well and that you are finding comfort in the people at Crouse. I talked to Dee this morning and she said Briana is beautiful. Let us know if you need anything!

  2. we too are very glad to hear that things are going well! Crouse is an amazing place- as is the ronald mcdonald house! If you are a cole slaw person- really- try theirs!! :) It's delicious! hehe

    Also very glad Angela is doing well and Mackenzie has made herself at home! :)

  3. Awesome news! And you can absolutely see the improvement in her color even in the pictures! Glad you are all doing as well as you are, and Mackenzie will be a great source of relief and strength for you both - simply because she can be so open and true. I suspect you'll learn a lot from her over the next couple of months!