Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank you to the D'Angelo's

When we went into the NICU this morning, there was a gift bag for us from our friends, the D'Angelo's. Inside was a guardian angel pin, which we will most definitely be pinning by her bedside today, along with a very nice photo album and journal. That was very touching. Thank you very much, Vince, Patty and Charlie.
We contacted the D'Angelo's after seeing their story on News 10 Now. Their son, Charlie, was also born with CDH, and they were also cared for here at Crouse. After we received the diagnosis for Briana, Angela and I felt alone as neither of us had ever heard of CDH. The D'Angelo's have been very supportive of us, and continue to offer their prayers and encouragement. We are very thankful to have them in our corner.

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  1. Instead of commenting three different times- I'm going to swoop all of these post in one. :) The pictures are amazing! And you are right- the two girls look alike! :)

    I'm so glad Briana is working her way off ECMO- we wish you good luck and send lots of prayers your way for the trial off it.

    Lastly- the D'Angelo's are amazing! :) I totally agree! I don't know what I would have done w/o them! And their generous gift today for you brought tears to my eyes! They are truly amazing people! So thoughtful and caring. I'm glad they can be there for you!