Friday, December 18, 2009

A few steps backward

Briana had a rough night last night. She was having trouble staying oxygenated before we left, and throughout the night, her condition worsened. They had to put her back on the oscillator, and they think she developed an infection based on the blood cultures they analyzed. With all of her IV sites, chest tubes, surgery sites, etc., there are many opportunities for infection. They are giving her antibiotics, and they will reanalyze her blood cultures later today. She is stabilized now, but not feeling well, and very intolerable of any activity.
It is certainly discouraging, but we kept the possibility of setbacks in the backs of our minds, as they are common, and Briana still has a long road ahead. As before, we will try to patiently wait this out while she recovers. The good news is that this time when she recovers, she does not have any surgical procedures ahead of her. It seems that each time she has a surgical procedure, she has a little setback to get through.
Briana is strong though, and we are trying to stay strong with her. Day by day, we will get closer to coming home. We hope and pray for all the other families here as well that their babies will get stronger and be able to go home soon.


  1. The rollercoaster continues! Charlie had many mystery infections over the first few weeks. It seems inevitable! But she is strong and so lucky to have you guys by her side. Hang in there! We continue to send many prayers your way! :-)

  2. We will keep Briana in our prayers. Hang in there guys.